"Who is White Box? Why should I use you?"

Our business is not only based on technical competence, but is managed and supported by a team of people who have built very successful businesses through their own web presence.

The people behind White Box have all worked for clients of the company and in some cases have run businesses that have generated significant sales from positioning their websites at the top of the search engine rankings. In other words, they see things from a client's perspective and have developed a strong portfolio of successful websites.

Before establishing White Box, they worked with a number of internet marketing agencies and were constantly surprised that they were being delivered relatively low level work that was made to seem complex to justify high level prices.

White Box was set up to remove the mystery surrounding internet marketing and aims to build long term client relationships through:

  • Explaining what work is required
  • Offering to help deliver the work
  • Being open about the resources required to deliver
  • Charging fair and reasonable fees
  • Delivering website success

We believe that by educating clients and explaining the process involved, customers of White Box will fully understand what needs to be done and will look to outsource their internet marketing to those that can deliver.