"Quite simply, how do I get more people onto my website?"

Optimising your website

You've got a website and are happy to spend time and effort marketing it, but need a guiding hand. White Box Marketing provides a series of training options to help understand how the web works.

For Directors of companies we offer a half-day training session at your offices to provide an introduction and overview of internet marketing.

We can provide more detailed and customised training sessions for marketing managers and the teams involved with implementing an internet marketing strategy.

Many companies can claim back the cost of the training through the UK Government's Train to Gain scheme, under the leadership and management programme.

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Hi Elliot - I really enjoyed you session last week and have been working hard today putting some of your tips into practice. Many of the things you said are so obvious once you’re told, yet not widely practiced by web designers. - Regards, Elizabeth Arnold, Director, The Really Effective People Company

Elliot has the happy knack of mixing the potentially deep technical complexity of his chosen subject of Search Engine Optimisation with a delivery style well suited to the needs of the informed “lay” Business Leader. - Bill Daulby, MD, Cambria Vehicle Services

The reports were technical but fully explained. They demonstrated in full the complexities surrounding e-marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and they gave clear directions whereby even the technical issues could be addressed relatively simply. As a consequence…we have made numerous changes to the way we use Adwords and have removed almost 40% of our costs, without dropping sales growth. - Glen C Watson, Director, Farmpharm Ltd