"How can I judge how well my marketing team are doing?"

Optimising your website

White Box Marketing provides training for Directors and Managers of businesses who recognise that the Internet is an important marketing channel and want to get an overview of how to market their website effectively.

Often Directors are kept in the dark by outside agencies (and sometimes internal team members) who hide behind technical jargon to mask how well they are performing. White Box helps you cut through this jargon to properly assess how well those you have asked to do the marketing are performing.

The course covers an introduction to search engine optimisation, including what it takes to get your website to the top of the Google rankings and what kind of things will get you disqualified. Also covered is an introduction to pay-per-click marketing, affiliate marketing and a review of some of the latest techniques that specialists are employing to promote their websites, such as using social networking sites.

The training is conducted at your offices (currently limited to the London and the South East) and takes two to three hours.

The session will include the following elements:

Introduction to search engine optimisation
Understanding of how Google works and how your site will be picked up by Google

Real world examples
We will go through live websites, highlighting examples of best-practice sites and those that aren’t so good. We can look at your website and those of your competition

Pay per click advertising
What are “adwords”, what alternatives are there and the importance of measuring

The latest techniques: become a Geek for a day!
Some hints and tips to get one over the competition

Within a couple of weeks of the training session, we will deliver a set of detailed reports covering the following:

A report showing you the tools available online to undertake a comprehensive analysis of your target keywords and how to use these tools effectively.

Optimisation plan
This report will show you how to ensure that that content on the website is effectively displayed for the search engines, and any technical changes that will improve things. In addition, the report will show you how to undertake link-building in a way that won’t get you banned from the listings.

Paid-for advertising
A report on best practice for adwords and other pay-per-click marketing strategies, as well as how to use affiliate marketing effectively.

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