"There's no point having a great website that no-one finds "

Promote your website

To have a truly effective website, you need to promote it. Driving relevant traffic to your site is a vital way to get your business the customers you need to survive and flourish. It's a competitive world we live in - one where customers research who they want to with online. Promoting your website (and your business) online is a cost effective way of reaching these customers and with the right partner you can achieve the return on investment you need.

White Box Marketing can work with you to design a workable online marketing strategy designed to use the latest online tools to increase traffic and give you a competitive edge. Our web audit service is like an "MoT" for your website - what's are you doing well and where do you need to improve. You'll have a detailed list of recommendations and a clear plan for moving forwards.

Once you have a plan in place, White Box Marketing can help with search engine optimisation: this is about making sure your website is readable by the search engine's spiders, regularly making sure that the content being put online targets the keywords that people are searching for, and providing suggestions for sites to get links from. If you would like us to write the content and carry out the link building programme, we have a team in place that do just that.

And of course, social networking. With significant proportion of the world's internet users going onto Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, reading blogs and forums, what does this mean to you? How do you use these new tools to engage with your customers and increase sales? White Box Marketing can give you a plan of action, tailored to your business and carry out the work required.

Interested in finding out more? Have a browse through our website, read our internet marketing blog or get in touch. We'll be delighted to hear from you.