"I know how SEO works, but need some help doing it"

Optimising your website

You know how important search engine optimisation is: getting high rankings for your target keywords can drive a significant number of potential customers to your website. And you also know that making a mistake can lead to a Google penalty taking you from position 1 to position 1001.

White Box Marketing can act as your SEO consultant. For a low monthly fee, we'll keep you on track to achieving your targets. This includes advice on what to write about, using keyword data from Google and ensuring it's presented in a coherent fashion on your website. It's not just about copy, but correctly written and tagged copy we'll advise on. In addition, we'll research the correct sites you can get links from, by looking for relevant pages on trusted websites.

There are always new areas of Search Engine Optimisation to consider and we'll make sure you're bang up-to-date, with advice on Google's search options, including Google's Local Business Listings, Google News, Google Images and more. We'll also help you analyse the data coming back to make sure that your SEO campaign is working as effectively as it should.

Contact us to find out more and don't forget that we take care of both the content writing and link building for you.