"There's a conversation happening, do you want to be part of it?"

Optimising your website

Social networking or social media sites are the latest part of the internet phenomenon. Somewhere in the blog-o-sphere, on forums, on Facebook, on Twitter and on others, are conversation is happening about your industry; about your product; about your company or even about you. What does this mean for you and your business? How do you become part of it? And how do use it to your advantage?

White Box Marketing can build you an effective social networking strategy to keep your company at the forefront of the internet, maintain your brand and, most importantly, engaging with both new and existing customers to generate sales. Social media marketing can also help develop your presence on the search engines by generating natural links from relevant pages and new copy from customer feedback and reviews.

It's all about having a dialogue with your customers, not simply presenting a monologue to them. By actively engaging in coversation, the benefits are not just in terms of marketing but customer service, product development and client retention.

If you want to become a complete Twit, if you're wondering whether Facebook is for more than just your kids or what is meant when the BBC website asks you to "Digg" something, then give send us an email. Or Skype. Or Tweat. Or Write on our wall. Or just pick up the phone... in any event, do get in touch.