"Why aren't I number one on Google?"

Optimising your website

Given that the founders of Google published how they would rank websites on the Stanford University website, it's surprisingly difficult to get your website high up it's natural search engine rankings. The fundamentals are clear:

  • Work out what people are searching for in terms of keywords
  • Use those words on your website
  • Make sure the search engine can read those words
  • Make sure there are lots of links coming into each page

But given the propensity of some people to bend the rules, Google (and other search engines) have made a few tweaks, so that the exact alogorithm is open to debate.

White Box Marketing will assess your website against the fundamentals of how Google works and our knowledge of the rules based on many years experience. We will start by analysing the keywords you should be targetting - how many people are searching for certain terms and are they relevant to you? We then assess how the keywords are used on each page of your site, how the technology of your website is either helping or hindering, and look at the nature of the links coming in.

If you would like a detailed audit of your website with a clear plan on how to improve things, then give us a call and ask for a quote.